This F-Word Multiplies Sales – FAST!

If you want to quickly boost your sales and profit in this economy…

I suggest you start using the “F” word a lot more often.

The “F” word I’m talking about is FOLLOW-UP!

In the last month, I’ve talked with too many businesses that are letting cash slip through their fingers like water because they are not doing ANY follow-up on customers and prospects and leads.

I’ve seen therapist not calling back leads in a timely manner, manufacturers not following up on folks they’ve sent brochures to, retailers never sending their clients offers, information, newsletters – nothing.

And the great irony (or tragedy) is that these companies have already paid the price to generate leads and customers. The greatest investment has been made. The business at the front door – but the door is never opened.

It’s like a farmer who has spent a year preparing the fields, fertilizing them, tilling the soil, removing rocks, planing seeds, watering them, caring for them and then when the fruit is ripe on the vine, ready to be picked, the farmer leaves it there to rot.

The good news is that you may be sitting on a lot of hidden and overlooked profits, just waiting for you to harvest them.

This cash can be yours almost as easily as pulling cash out of your own pocket. It just takes a little simple, timely follow-up.

If you have a past customer list, contact it with timely offers, customer only specials, or valuable information just to keep your business top-of-mind.

If you are not yet capturing customer data – name, address, email, phone – START NOW (this is the single most activity your business can do – ever!).

If leads are requesting information, follow-up quickly and get it in their hands A.S.A.P.. In today’s internet economy I can guarantee that your prospects are not sitting around waiting for your info to arrive in their inbox or mail box. They are surfing the web, visiting your competitors and moving on solving their problems.

I’m not sure why so many companies lag on their follow-up activities, but they do. Even in this economy.

So, rapid, thorough follow-up is a competitive advantage you cannot ignore. It can be a simple phone call, a quick email or a one page letter dropped in the mail.

More leads, sales, customers and profits are yours in the next 30 days — if you’ll start using the “F” word today!

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