Can Buzzwords hurt advertising effectiveness?

Are buzzwords killing your business growth?

Fact: Your marketing communications are one of the highest leverage assets in your company. It is not unusual for a new headline on an old ad to cause a 50% or more increase in leads and sales. I’ve seen small changes in an ad or sales letter boost response by 300%.

However, I often observe companies attempt to boost their advertising results by loading it up with buzzwords.

This is important: a few words that acknowledge your “insider knowledge” and expertise of a specific market or niche can improve the effectiveness of your advertising.

But, loading your website, ads, emails and sales letters with all the latest buzzwords will kill your response.

As an example, I ran across an ad for a marketing seminar with this description…

“Next generation strategies to employ a single customer definition for improved multi-channel marketing”

Are you excited yet?

There is so much wrong with this description that I don’t have time to cover it all here. For now, if there is anything like this in any of your marketing communications, sales letters, or ads – kill it – because it is killing your sales!

2 thoughts on “Can Buzzwords hurt advertising effectiveness?”

  1. On-target advice, as always.

    Here’s a killer: Clients who insist on including those buzzwords. Sometimes I’ll axe them from the copy–and find them penciled back in on the next go-’round. Among the favorites: “innovative” “cutting edge” and “world-class.” : <

  2. Lorraine, Those clients can be pesky 🙂 Sometimes a new buzzword is like a magic amulet that they wave and imagine it will cause customers and prospects to become instantly mesmerized.

    And thanks for dropping by to comment.

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