Business owners call us when they want to grow: grow their sales, grow their customers, grow their profits.

We help them do that – fast!


Our approach is grounded in a few simple, yet powerful, guiding principles…

  1. A results focus
  2. A customer focus is often the best way to get those results
  3. Each business is unique. If a business is unique, it demands a unique solution.
  4. A single test is worth more than 1000 opinions
  5. You can’t solve strategy problems with marketing, sales and product solutions.
  6. Purpose focused thinking creates greater opportunities for imagination and growth than problem focused thinking
  7. Your current strategy is perfect for creating the results you are getting now. If you want different results, you’ll need a different strategy

Success Stories

Here are a few of the success stories this approach has created.

300% in Two Weeks
“Just one strategy Robert devised for us increased our sales a stunning 300% in just 2 weeks.”
Matthew Ferry
The Mike Ferry Organization

From $14,00 to $300,000 a Month
“Robert Stover is an imaginative strategic thinker that has conceived several major breakthroughs critical to our success. …has grown from a small product generating just $14,000 a month to a promising organization with over $300,000 a month in sales; it is on track to hit $4.5M this year.”
Dave Savage,
CEO, SmartReply

Made $150,000
“I was about to go into head-to-head competition with another company in my industry. Robert stopped me cold. Instead he showed me a hole in my competitors defenses and helped me master mind a strategy to take advantage of this market weakness… That one project made my company $150,000.

I strongly urge you to work with Robert before your competitors do!”

Scott Laing
Founder, Consumer Research Institute

Breakthrough Campaigns
“When it comes to creating breakthroughs, Stover has a depth of insight that is extremely valuable and rare. In fact, just last month he crafted three breakthrough campaigns for my different client niches. My competitors won’t know what’s hit them when I unleash these strategies in my market.”
Dan Buckley
President, DBM Design Inc.

Secret Weapon
“When I’m stumped I pick up the phone and call on Robert Stover. He has been one of my secret weapons for over 15 years! He not only has met every expectation but he has cleverly come up with ideas that allowed me to launch entire companies, one of which I sold.

If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with him you’ll know what I mean. He’s that good.”
John J. Kirker, Founder
RinkTime.com – We’re All About Rinks!

Who is Robert Stover?

Over the last 24 years I’ve had the honor to work on marketing and strategy for companies as large as Proctor & Gamble, Investors Business Daily, Staples, Chase Bank as well as help launch a number of vision-driven start-ups.

My passion is working with growth driven business owners.

If you are passionate about growing your business to the next level, Email me and let’s talk about your unique challenges and opportunities.

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